CT Series

CT series-dasan crane

CT Series

CT Series was designed to perform various works like as installation of sign board and building maintenance, etc. CT Series were optimized at product safety and conveniency of control by combination of integrated control system to increase the productivity.

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CT 180
AML(Automatic Moment Limiter) System Wireless Remote Control
We applied AML System all CT Series to do safe works by sensing operation conditions. This system informs worker with the information of excessive loads and working condition. It is possible to control soft operation without stop of signal by using wireless remote control made of HETRONIC in Germany.
Outrigger Control Valve Outrigger System
By using the control valve of outrigger in both side of chassis, user can operate automatically horizon and vertical function of outrigger. We solved the reduction of working radius by using wider length outrigger. specially front auxiliary outrigger prevents effectively the moving of chassis.
CT 190
AML(Automatic Moment Limiter) System X - tape main Outrigger
Pentagon Safe 2 pieces of Cylinder System
Winch Front Auxiliary Outrigger
Outrigger Control Valve Wireless remote control system
CT 270
Safe 2 pieces of Cylinder System Swing Reducer
It is designed to perform safe works by preventing the accident of wire cutting with applying two pieces of cylinders for the boom extension among the small and middle sized aerial work platform We applied hydraulic motor + worm with right and left 180° at rated speed, 1 rpm.
Wide extending typed bucket Removable type Bucket
It is possible to do the works of high places due to light and no slippery by using checked aluminum. Removable type bucket helps not to put much loads to the boom during winch operation and designed to do smooth winch works at small space.
Wide range front & rear outrigger Front Auxiliary Outrigger
Front & Rear outrigger which applied the largest extension length in same grade supports the vehicle firmly to prevent the overturn. Front auxiliary outrigger installed under bumper minimize the moving of chassis.
Hydraulic Bucket Rotating Systems
We secured safe operation and efficiency due to exact adjustment of bucket.
CT-290S / CT-300L
High-performance remote control Remote Control Receiver and Oil Cooler
The new remote control of HETRONICS in Germany is used to provide smooth operation without loss of signal. Receiver and oil cooler to receive remote control
Top Sheets Control Panel AUTRAGER OPERATIONS
Main control valve lever, electric switch and pressure gauge are concentrated in one location for convenient operation. The upper and lower switching valves (deuter), the autogenerator control lever, and the electric switch are located in one location for easy operation. The autoligger control lever is placed at the rear and the left and right at the same time to check the system for safety.
The "KC Safety Certified" boom angle, turn angle, boom withdrawal distance and work radius are detected in real time, enabling safe operation and real-time verification through the monitor. In particular, the radio ultrasonic distance sensor has fewer faults than the conventional wire sensor and has better detection capability.
Boomrest Booster built-in warning lamp and light light lamp
Boomrests firmly support the boom when driving The warning lamp associated with the AML unit, the green light during safety operations, the buzzer of the warning indicator sounds and the red light is illuminated.
Withdrawal chain 1st stage boom upper face wire anti-jam structure
Not only is it easy to use or maintain equipment, but it also has safety as a top priority by securing a "5" or higher safety rate. When working in a large number of complex wires, the cover is supplemented to prevent wires from being connected to the top of the first boom.
Minimum Roof Radius in Korea
(protruding length 400mm)
upper top sheet structure
Work in complex downtowns, alleyways, and roadside operations are more secure. Comfortable and comfortable operation on the upper top seat as well as on the remote control.
CT 190
AML System X-type main-outtrigger
New 5G boom application Safe 2Silinder System
Winch Forward Outrigger
Centralized type control lever Hetronic Wireless remocon
CT 180
Main Outrigger Front Auxiliary Outrigger
Maximum stability of the equipment is ensured by applying the X-type main outrigger It effectively prevents body shaking during operation, minimizes front outrigger jamming during installation of equipment by driving with minimal protrusion design.
(Patent 10-2011-0094085).
AML SYSTEM New 5G boom application
It detects the operating conditions of the system and helps ensure safe operation. New 5 angle boom and new side pad adjustment type minimizes boom distortion during bucket rotation.
A small-time suitor High-performance remote control
This is a small circuit device that minimizes the radius of rotation of the rear when working on a high-altitude area of a complex city and alleyway. With the new German Hetronic remote control, smooth operation is possible without loss of signal.
Kia Bongo 3 Kingcap Equipment operating lever
With the Kingcap chassis, we have achieved a more comfortable driving and relaxation space. Centralized operating lever makes it easy to operate the equipment in narrow areas (installation on both sides of the outrigger lever)
CT 300W
Install the bucket emergency stop switch Semi-permanent withdrawal chain
Frame Reinforcement Improvement Centralized Outrigger Operating Lever located on the Side
Ultra-high tension steel plates identical to boom materials are applied to frame and au-tiger
Comfortable top seat and convenient control panel Minimum posterior radius of rotation in Korea
Frame rear slim design Using AML System
Slimming rear-end interferences minimizes withdrawal distance when riding buckets and improves design of toolbox interferences when rotating.선 Upgraded Touch Monitor
1 Single-boom wire entrapment prevention structure Boom Extractor Detect Sensor
Separate installation of reel for signal, detection of draw distance and stabilization of communication
Application of bucket horizontal LED lamp (green/red) Front Auxiliary Outrigger Default Application
Install LED-indicated lamps to automatically detect the horizontal status of the bucket and to facilitate identification during night-time work Effectively avoid body shaking when working