DAP Series

dap series

Compact type Series

DASAN Aerial work platform cranes carry out various functions – High aerial works repairing Traffic lights, Street lamps, Soundproof walls and maintenacing Security lights. They're also adequately designed for the installation or maintenance of Electricity, Communication, Cable TV facilities.

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Outrigger operation levers Winch
Convenient to carry out automatically horizontal & vertical control by using operating levers installed on both sides of the equipment. Valve can be safely protected by using separate cover and appearance is elegantly furnished in modern type. Raises heavy weight of 900kgf at high speed. It guarantees safe operation by the installation of wet-corrosion automatic brakes.
Automatic bucket Tilting system Overthrow preventive system
Bucket can be manually bended to suit user's operation type, which makes it possible to do inner clean-up. It assures maintenance operation by being automatically tilted when up & down. Sensor perceives vehicle-overthrow without delay, Users promptly recognize it by buzzer-typed watch-light. Being secure by stoping its operation beyond safety range in case of overthrow-warning
Remote control system Outrigger
Remote control Device operated in safety function range : Multi-operation, Safety operation by choosing manual/ automatic function to prevent duplicate motion. Double extention box makes it possible to maximize extention width, Safety operation on rough ground by using cross-axis wide-range pedals carries out the strong support.